About us


The SCP MONT-BLANC OFFICE is made up of 3 Notary Offices situated between Geneva and Chamonix, near the ski resorts, in the heart of the Mont-Blanc and Arve Valley area.



Whichever office you choose for your project (Sallanches, Thyez or Chamonix), the Notaires and their teams are at your disposal to assist you with :

Property sales : buying and selling chalets, apartments, land and all types of property.

Family affairs : marriage contracts, civil contracts (PACS), inheritance, estate planning (gifting, drawing up of wills), lasting power of attorney...

Business affairs: selling of fonds de commerce, setting up a company, commercial contracts...

International clients : estate planning, succession files…

Property valuations and avis de valeur



- The SALLANCHES office has been in existence since the 19th Century.

- In the year 2000, Maître Alban ROLLET starts the partnership with Maîtres Pierre GRANGE and Christian MACHET.

- In 2011, Maîtres Benoît GRANGE and Hervé PLANTEVIN start their partnership with Maître Alban ROLLET, following the retirement of Maîtres Pierre GRANGE et Christian MACHET.

- In 2013, Maître Valérie ROLLET takes up a position as a Notaire salariée having worked in the Sallanches office for several years.

- In September 2017, Maître Céline GRANDJACQUES, who had worked in the Sallanches office for several years, joins the partnership with Maîtres ROLLET, GRANGE and PLANTEVIN and opens the ofice in Thyez.

- In 2018, Maître Séverine PERROLLAZ, who started work in the Sallanches office in 2004, takes up a position as a Notaire salariée.

- In January 2019, Maître Valérie ROLLET opens the office in CHAMONIX MONT-BLANC, and joins Maîtres ROLLET, GRANGE, PLANTEVIN and GRANDJACQUES as a partner.

- In February 2019, the team is completed by the arrival of  Maître Florence GACHON (who previously practised in Chamonix) and Maître Elsa CASAGRANDE, both of whom take up positions as Notaires salariées.

- In August 2020, Maître Hervé PLANTEVIN takes over the Thyez office and Maître Céline GRANDJACQUES moves back to the SALLANCHES office.


Our office holds records for Maîtres :

- Christian MACHET (1986 – 2011)

- Pierre GRANGE (1983 – 2011)

- Gabriel PINGET (1953 – 1985)

- Louis BOUVIER (1936 – 1953)

- Henri VAN DEN BROUCQUE (1930 – 1936)

- Léon POCHAT (1904 – 1930)

- Joseph DRUCROZ (1884 – 1904)


Networks and certifications

Office ayant désigné le Délégué Cil.not d’ADnov

Office ayant désigné le Délégué Cil.not d’ADNOV

Office Membre du Réseau des Notaires Conseil aux familles

Le notaire par sa formation, sa culture, son expérience, son éthique, sa compétence, ses outils propres (l’acte authentique) peut et doit apporter une réponse spécifique et originale aux besoin des familles, et ce, dans tous les moments de la vie.

L’obtention du label « Notaires Conseils aux Familles » traduit une démarche individuelle dont l’objectif est de promouvoir auprès des clients un véritable savoir-faire dans le domaine du droit de la famille et du conseil patrimonial.